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Why work with Beatty Group Travel?

  1. We have firsthand experience
    The fun of travel is experiencing something brand new and coming home with meaningful memories of your trip. Our agents have traveled all over the world, and, in most cases, have visited the destination you are considering. When you book on the internet there is no real way to know exactly what you are getting. Descriptions are vague, photos are deceiving, and user reviews are unreliable. We have established a trusting relationship with the vendors we book, and we want you to be our client for life, not just for one transaction.

  2. We offer added amenities
    In most cases we can get you prices that are competitive with what you would find online. However, what you book online is almost always going to offer a lesser experience than what you get from us. Our vendors encourage us to book through them by offering our clients special amenities. This can be anything from a bottle of wine in your room, free breakfast, free room upgrades, or admission to special events or activities.

  3. We answer questions you don’t know to ask
    When you book through a faceless website or big conglomerate you learn a lot of things the hard way. Our agents are perpetual students of travel. We are constantly taking online classes and making familiarization trips to the destinations we sell. They can make recommendations on hotels, activities, what to pack, best time of the year to go, restaurants to try, etc.

  4. We save you time and money
    In today’s busy world, most people don’t have time to spend hours researching their trip. And often times when you book online you have to take the non-refundable option in order to get the best pricing. In most cases this is not true when you book with us. We usually can offer much more flexible booking and payment terms. We can hold space for some time with a refundable deposit, make changes to your reservation, and get price adjustments if the pricing comes down between when you book and when you travel.

  5. We advocate for you
    When something changes or goes wrong with a trip you’ve booked yourself you’re forced to enter that dreaded abyss of phone support - waiting on hold, transferring from support person to support person, unsatisfactory resolution, etc. Is that how you want to spend your vacation time? In most cases, we don’t call customer support. We have relationships with account representatives that value our business and work to make sure our customers are happy. If something does go wrong, you make one quick request to us, and you go back to enjoying yourself, while we get the issue resolved on your behalf.